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Pre-assignment – Energy Automation Sustainable Engineering (EASE)

Admissions procedure

Selection based on pre-assignment
Threshold criteria

Students are selected based on a pre-assignment including a motivation letter and two separate tasks; Simulations and Data Analysis.

The pre-assignment is only graded for those applicants who fulfil the eligibility criteria. The pre-assignment is a mandatory part of the application process, and the idea is to map the basic skills and interests needed for developing abilities to use and creatively explore modern tools for modelling and data analysis, to read and analyze scientific writing within the field, and to effectively communicate results.

Task 1: The Motivation letter

The motivation letter should be a maximum of 700 words outlining why you consider yourself a good candidate for the program. See further instructions in the attached pre-assignment document.

Task 2: Simulations

You are to verify the result with a figure as per instructions in the attached pre-assignment document.

Task 3: Data Analysis.

You are to determine set values as per instructions in the attached pre-assignment document. Data for the task is available in the Heat Control document.



Submitting the pre-assignment

  • The deadline for submitting the pre-assignment and all supporting documents is 25 September 2023 at 3 p.m. Finnish time.
  • Submit the pre-assignment by uploading all tasks to the allocated requests for attachments in your application. All three tasks should be submitted in PDF format. Name the attachment file(s) in the following way: Lastname_First name_description/name of document. For example: Smith_Mary_motivation letter
  • Combine the pages of the same document into one file.
  • If the supporting documents are not uploaded in your application they need to be sent by e-mail to

Applicants are given a total score for the pre-assignment and are ranked based on that score. Applicants are admitted in the order of ranking. In case several applicants achieve the same score, but there are not enough study places to admit them all, their admission will be based on drawing lots.

If an applicant is offered a study place at both Åland University of Applied Sciences and Arcada, they are only allowed to accept one of the places. If both study places are accepted, only the first one will be approved and the second cancelled. The deadline to accept an offered study place is 1 December 2023 at 3 p.m. Finnish time.