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Important Information

Important Information for Exchange Students

The Academic Year

The academic year is divided into two semesters.

  • The autumn semester starts at the end of August (depends on the degree programme) and ends in December some courses can continue in the second week of January.
  • The spring semester starts in early January and ends in early June. The exact dates differ between the degree programmes and are decided every year in May for the next academic year.

Full-time studies in Finland mean that you should obtain 30 ECTS/semester or 60 ECTS/year.

Preliminary Learning Agreement

Discuss your choice of the courses with a person responsible for your study plan at your home institution and fill in the Learning Agreement before you you apply for an exchange. Your selection of courses must be approved and signed both by your home university and by the receiving university before final approval. Changes can be done within one month after arrival.

It is your personal responsibility to ensure you have the prior knowledge required for participation in a course. Please, read the course descriptions carefully and make sure you fulfil the requirements for each course (e.g. previous knowledge, language of instruction, etc).

Course Catalogue

In our course catalogue you will find courses available in English or partly in English. Note that there are courses for both at basic and advanced levels, and the language of instruction may be other than English (e.g. Swedish). For students with adequate knowledge of Swedish language all the courses are available. You will find the description for each course by clicking on their respective link.


Read more about how our students are insured for accidents and injuries during practice. The insurance is not valid during theory lessons, between lessons and for travelling to and from the university.

Feedback, development proposals and complaints

Are you dissatisfied with something at Åland UAS or want to give us feedback and suggestions for development? Then it is important that you get in touch. We see it as an opportunity to improve our business.

You can fill in the web form for feedback and development suggestions. The quality coordinator compiles received development proposals, claims and complaints and shares them with the college’s rectors’ council, which takes the necessary measures.


Governing document
A.3 Follow-up, evaluation and development

Web form
Link: Response and development proposal