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Admissions criteria – Master of Engineering: Energy Automation Sustainable Engineering, full time

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility for the master programme EASE is given by:

  1. a suitable bachelor’s degree in Engineering.
  2. a minimum of two years work experience gained after the completion of the Bachelor’s degree

About the two years work experience requirement
All applicants must have two years (24 months) of relevant work experience gained after the completion of the bachelor’s degree in order to meet the eligibility criteria.

Work experience is only counted after the date of the bachelor’s degree diploma/certificate, and needs to be proven by a work certificate. CVs are not sufficient proof of work experience on their own. Work experience gained before or during your bachelor studies cannot be counted towards the work experience minimum requirement. An exception is only made for applicants who have completed a vocational college diploma or higher vocational diploma in Finland before the completion of their higher education degree, as they may also take into account work experience gained before the higher education degree. Work experience can be counted up to 31st Dec 2023.

Part-time work is converted to full-time work so that 150 hours or 20 full-time working days (a minimum of seven hours per day) are equal to a month. The work experience does not have to be continuous or from the same employer. Practical training or on-the-job learning is not counted as work experience if it forms a part of the degree used for applying.

Admissions procedure

Applicants are given a total score for a pre-assignment and are ranked based on that score. Applicants are admitted in the order of ranking. In case several applicants achieve the same score, but there are not enough study places to admit them all, their admission will be based on drawing lots.

If an applicant is offered a study place at both Åland University of Applied Sciences and Arcada, they are only allowed to accept one of the places. If both study places are accepted, only the first one will be approved and the second cancelled. The deadline to accept an offered study place is 1 December 2023 at 3 p.m. Finnish time.