Sjökapten – Isnavigering (Polar Code advanced)

Kurskod S3661013
Studiepoäng 1

A trainee successfully completing this course will gain:
– understanding of the basic requirements for structure, stability and subdivision, machinery, lifesaving appliances, fire protection, voyage planning, ship routeing, navigation systems and equipment, radio communication, pollution prevention equipment, liability and safety management systems, as applicable to the different types and sizes of ship which may undertake voyages in polar waters
– ability to contribute to safe operation of vessels operating in polar waters
– understanding of ice characteristics and areas where different types of ice can be expected in the area of operation
– understanding of vessel performance in ice and low air temperature
– understanding of safe operations and ship manoeuvrability in ice
– awareness to monitor and ensure compliance with legislative requirements
– understanding to apply safe working practises and to respond to emergencies
– understanding and awareness of correct crew preparation, working conditions and safety
– understanding the need to ensure compliance with pollution prevention requirements and prevent environmental hazards
– understanding skills to perform manoeuvres in order to safely operate ships in polar waters


-Regulations, standards and shipboard documentation
– ice nomenclature, characteristics and detection
– Vessel characteristics
– manoeuvering in ice
– planning
– icebreaker operations
– crew preparation, working conditions and safety




Tvågradig skala (Godkänd/Underkänd)




Utbildningsprogrammet för sjöfart


Direct observation of work activities in simulator exercises
Written exam

Kurslitteratur och studiematerial

International Maritime Organization (2016[2016]). Polar code: International code for ships operating in polar waters. (2016 edition.) London: International Maritime Organization.
Course compendiums, Internet sources adviced by instructor


Passed course will be noted in student´s records. Passed course entitles a course certificate.


Lectures, workshops and simulations


The course takes into account:
The Polar Code
IMO Model Course 7.12 (Advanced Training for Ships operating in Polar Waters).
STCW tables A-V/4.2

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