Hospitality Management – Professional English

Kurskod R031105
Studiepoäng 3

Objectives of the course:
The course deals with business English and dos and don’ts when interacting professionally in an English-speaking context. After this course the student is expected to have:

insight into what is considered as polite and service minded English and behaviour as a preparation for internships and professional interaction within hospitality
the tools to communicate correctly in written business English
the basic insights into service management


Creating speeches
Information seeking
Oral exercises
Business correspondence
Job interview preparations
Creating positive guest experiences


Sufficient presence is required to be able to carry out all assignments included in the course


VG, G (för betygssättning)


Hospitality Management


Utbildningsprogrammet för turism och kosthåll


– To produce various business English-oriented texts and do a job interview
– A presentation and a text on a case-study regarding service management

Kurslitteratur och studiematerial

Ashley, A. (2003). Oxford Handbook of Commercial Correspondence. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Ford,R., Sturman,M. & Heaton,C. (2012). Managing quality service in hospitality. New York: Delmar.
Seymour, M. (2012). Hotel & hospitality English : [communicate confidently with guests]. London: HarperCollins Publishers.


Marks are recorded in the Transcript of Records. U, G, VG (when validating the term Godkänd/Passed is being used).


Lectures and discussions. Seeking, organising and presenting material, both individually and in groups.

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