Hospitality Management – Customer Experience Management

Kurskod R381101
Studiepoäng 3

Understanding the nature and concepts of Customer Experience Management (CEM) and its tools on basic level;
Awareness of main challenges and trends of CEM;

Ability to apply tools and concepts of CEM to solve simple practical challenges in a way that creates value for all parties involved;
Ability to evaluate the progress of CEM initiative and professional practice and adjust those according to the circumstances and changes along the process;

General Competence
Improved ability to work in international teams on specific and complex tasks;
Improved capability to assess, connect and meaningfully apply theoretical frameworks, academic research and development work to practical and theoretical challenges;
Improved ability to carry out analysis and deal with complex tasks;
Increased efficiency of communication, e.g., in international context.


The course will focus on the following blocks:
Customer Experience Management and Experience Economy
Tools and Models for CEM
Service Quality and Tourism Product Management
Presentation techniques
Teamwork and team roles


The course takes place in Dalsland from 1.4.-5.4.2019.
Travelling (31.3 and 6.4)

Grading scale name

Tvågradig skala (Godkänd/Underkänd)

Degree program

Utbildningsprogrammet för turism och kosthåll

Descriptive assessment

School and country presentations
Country industry reports before the joint week module
Team’s final report and presentation during the module
Peer assessment of teamwork
Learning diary


Will be handed out with the pre reading material.
All material will be handed out through Google Classroom.


Recommended for second and third year students.


The grade will be put out in Wilma.

Teaching methods

Company cases
Group work


All expenses regarding travelling, commuting, lodging and food are paid by the EkoTekNord. network.
The students need pocket money.

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