Hospitality Management – Professional English and Conflict Solving

Kurskod R031104
Studiepoäng 5

The course is divided into three fields of interest. The first field will allow the student to explore skills connected to oral communication. The second field deals with business English and dos and don’ts when interacting professionally in an English-speaking context. The third field focuses on various aspects of conflict management.
After this course the student is expected to have:
” developed the skills how to prepare, organise and give a speech with the aim of expanding the vocabulary linked to hospitality
” the basic tools for managing media in a crisis
” insight into what is considered as polite and service minded English and behaviour as a preparation for internships and professional interaction within hospitality
” the tools to communicate correctly in written business English
” strategies for conflict management regarding preventive work and conflict solving strategies


” Creating speeches
” Information seeking
” Material production
” Oral exercises
” Business correspondence
” Job interview preparations
” Conflict management
” Text analysis


Sufficient presence is required to be able to carry out all assignments included in the course


VG, G (för betygssättning)


Hospitality Management


Utbildningsprogrammet för turism och kosthåll


– To give a speech + PPT-presentation
– To produce various business English-oriented texts and do a job interview
– An essay where managing, preventing and solving conflicts are being discussed

Kurslitteratur och studiematerial

Ashley, A. (2003). Oxford Handbook of Commercial Correspondence. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Johnson, C. & Keddy, J. (2010). Managing Conflict at Work : Understanding and Resolving Conflict for Productive Working Relationship. London: KoganPage.
Jordan, T. (2015). Konflikthantering i arbetslivet : förstå, hantera, förebygg. Malmö: Gleerups.

Study Materials (supplied by the University)
Rosenberg, M. (2003). Vi kan reda ut det : hantera konflikter på fredliga och kraftfulla sätt : medling och konflikthanteringmed hjälp av Nonviolent Communication. Svensbyn: Friare Liv.
Scanell, M. (2010). The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games : Quick, Effective Activities to Improve Communication and Collaboration. London: McGraw Hill Education.


Marks are recorded in the Transcript of Records. U, G, VG (when validating the term Godkänd/Passed is being used).


Lectures and discussions. Seeking, organising and presenting material, both individually and in groups.

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