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Institutional Coordinator
International Coordinator
MA Lena Nyman-Wiklund
PoBox 1010 (Neptunigatan 17)
22111 Mariehamn, Åland
Phone +358 537 704

Departmental Coordinators
Business Administration
Thor-Björn Wik

Electro-technical Engineering
Stig Selander

Marine Engineering & Nautical Science Carola Maxenius-Mickelsson

Hospitality Management
Therese Sjöblom

Kristina Svedmark

Information Technology
Agneta Eriksson-Granskog


Exchange Students

Åland University of Applied Sciences welcome students from partner universities around Europe.


Before applying to Åland UAS contact your International Coordinator or Erasmus coordinator at your home institution in order to assure that there is an Erasmus partnership between our institutions. Your application should be signed by your International Coordinator. 

Åland UAS offers eight degree programmes with a total of 600 students. In addition to that, the Åland Open University offers around 100 academic courses, lectures and seminars annually. A close cooperation and interaction with working life and society is essential. Åland UAS offers schooling in a wide variety of fields, with degree programmes in economics, maritime studies, technology, nursing and hospitality management. Read more about the programmes.

Courses Available

Courses at Åland UAS are generally taught in Swedish. In our Course Catalogue you find all courses lectured in English or those available as reading courses with exams, assignments and tutoring available in English. Your exchange will start with a course in Swedish for Beginners. 

Academic Calendar & Important Dates

The academic year is divided into two semesters. The autumn semester starts in the end of August (depending on the degree programme) and ends the second week in January. The spring semester starts the 2nd week in January and ends 31st of May. The exact dates differ between the degree programmes and are settled every year in May for the next academic year.

Deadline for Applications for Exchange Students

For the whole academic year and the autumn semester the deadline is 1st of April.
For the spring semester the deadline is 15th of October.
Application form [word]


Send the signed and scanned application form to by deadline.
International Coordinator
Lena Nyman-Wiklund


The University will arrange accommodation for the exchange students in the student’s lodgings, in Mariehamn. In order to be able to accommodate all students, it is important that the exchange students send in their applications in time.

Travel to Åland Islands

The easiest way to travel to Åland is by air from Sweden, Stockholm - Arlanda airport, and then a short flight to Mariehamn operated by Nextjet. The ferry companies which travel regularly to Åland are Viking Line, Tallink Silja and Eckerö Linjen. Remember to ask for students discount on the plane tickets.

An alternative route is to fly to Helsinki and connect with Flybe  to Mariehamn.

Application deadlines

For the whole academic year and autumn semester 1.4
For spring semester 15.10


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