Språk utan gränser

Texts and Resources on Intercomprehension*

(*mutual intelligibility, using similarities between languages, analoguous language learning, multilingualism, tvärförståelse/grannspråksförståelse...)


to understand the language of the other, while using one's own - an untapped resource in human interaction - oral or written - face-to-face or long-distance. To make sense of human communication is a part of making sense of the world. We use context, social skills, genre skills, and general knowledge, in addition to the words - many of which we share across different languages.



  A EU project in Intercomprehension for maritime students

  Intermar study materials and conference papers


            A EU network in intercomprehension

Intercompréhension (an introduction by Pierre Janin)

            français, English, svenska

Intercomprehension by Peter Doyé

Should the World Only Rely on English as a Lingua Franca? by Pierre Frath

English as a Gateway Language by Gilles Forlot

Les origines de la pédagogie de l'intercompréhension, par Franz-Joseph Meissner

Grannspråksförståelse (intercomprehension)

            An article in Swedish published in the Lingua magazine, and one more waiting to be published

Fun interactive learing materials

            EU& I

            Itinerários romanos


            L'Europe ensemble

            Språk inom EU



            Today's news in many languages as video

APIC - Association pour la promotion de l'intercompréhension des languges

Brochure de presentation

             Délégation générale à la langue française et aux langues de France DGLFLF

Intercompréhension Européenne - ICE

          Gap 2005 - Actes/Proceedings

Dialogos em Intercompreensão

          Lisboa 2007 - Papers

             The GETALL (WUOPLa) methodology


            Learn to understand all Romance Languages at the same time - Kompaktkurs     Aussprache    The 7 sieves

            Learn to understand all Slav Languages at the same time

            Learn to understand all Germanic Languages at the same time

  NEW: English as a Bridge to the Romance Languages, a book, 170 pages, € 18.90

Fremdsprachenlernen leicht gemacht Video

Un rêve? Pas du tout! Video

Scandinavian Intercomprehension

            Språknemdene i Norden

For international work groups

            Icebreaker NEW!

Intercomprehensions - a blog by Mme Ginette Chamart

ICT Workshops for Autonomous Language Training

            A paper submitted for Romanistentage 2009 Bonn

Learning to Learn Languages

            A paper submitted for the GMF congress in Augsburg in Sept. 2010

Escudé Pierre et Janin Pierre (2010), Le point sur l’intercompréhension, clé du plurilinguisme, Paris, CLE International.